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We'll bring the balls

to your football watch party.

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What are Cakeball Pops? Also known as cakeballs or cakepops, they are two-to-three bite balls made of crumbled cake mixed with frosting or icing that is covered in a candy coating or dipped in candy melts and made at West Town Bakery in Chicago. Sometimes cakeball pops are rolled in nuts, sprinkles, and candy or drizzled with chocolate. Often a wooden stick is inserted into the ball. Cakeball pops do not have the texture of a traditional baked cake, but instead have the consistency similar to dough which is attributed to the blending of frosting into the cake. Even though our Cakeball Pops are baked and made fresh every day, they ship exceptionally well because they have a long shelf life and can even be frozen without any lapse in quality.


Cakeball Pops make great gifts for:

·Parties and sweet tables for birthdays and weddings

·Telling friends and love ones that you miss them from across the country

·Holidays gifts for foodies and people that love to bake

·Spreading the joy across the office, in a socially distant way

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